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With an extreme passion and commitment, Dr. Saacha Spade actively serves the growing population of conscious individuals who choose the path of self mastery. She is the founder of multiple, unorthodox businesses, products and solutions designed to support the master minded individual on their journey back to Source.  

Her motto is "Master Self. Master The Universe." Her philosophy is grounded in the truth that we are all multidimensional, spiritual beings on a journey of the Soul who have the power to re-configure our external reality from the inside out. This philosophy is the inspiration behind all of her ventures, projects and businesses. Her natural ability to be an effective problem solver and to provoke another level of thought, have earned her the well deserved title of being one of the top Leaders in the new thought world. 

She is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Thought Provoking Speaker, Wealth Preservation Expert, Educator, Author, Student of Trust Law and all around Business Woman. 

Dr. Spade is no stranger to adversity. Her desire to help others navigate through the turmoil and challenges of the Matrix is based on the lack of support and solutions that were available during her days of truth seeking and self discovery. Her journey to self mastery was extremely lonely and filled with many painful experiences and lessons where she was constantly misunderstood, viewed as a rebel and unsupported on her path because she did not resonate with the views of the majority. Little did she know that Her refusal and inability to conform to restricted nature of organized religion (and other norms of society) would turn into a magical journey where those very painful experiences would be used to propel her into phenomenal purpose.


Dr. Spade is always looking for ways to collaborate with others for the Greater Good. If you are interested in working with her to help others on any level, please send us an email addressing how you would like to help her vision or how you would like for her to contribute to your vision. 

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I have been working with Saacha for nearly 8 years now, and her guidance has been truly God sent. She has helped me realize that I was enabling the majority of my loved ones and that was rolling over into my professional life. I have found that sometimes the advice given was hard to accept but with listening with an open mind and heart, I was able to get back on my purposeful course. Saacha has been able to tap into a wealth of knowledge and has yet to stop being a student of the Universe while actively assisting others. also shown me how to manifest my hearts desires.



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Dr. Spade is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject of Legacy Protection as it relates our culture. I am so happy to have met her at this time in my life... especially since my insurance practice has helped so many people establish their financial foundations. At the base of every family’s money management strategy should be a wealth preservation strategy and a must have of within that strategy is a private trust. I share this information with all my clients as they learn how to build their Human Equity Line of Credit® with my company because protecting what you build is paramount. Dr. Spade is very special and gifted in leading us into areas where other cultures have been financially ahead for many years. She is committed to helping us protect our legacy and makes sure that it will last at least 3 to 4 generations minimal. If you are not working with her, you're definitely missing out on her very brilliant assistance. 




Dr. Saacha Spade is a breath of fresh air! Over the years, she's truly helped me refine my definition of success, both professionally and personally. Who she is, what she represents, and how she carries herself speaks louder than any words she could ever speak. On my own entrepreneurial journey, I always make sure whatever work I'm involved in is purpose driven. Saacha operates the same way and for that I'm forever grateful. She is truly an amazing spirit.


“Influential people in business generally don't care about you on a personal level. There concern is mainly about how they can profit off of you, and if you have little to no money, they're not interested in helping you. I could tell immediately that Dr. Spade was an exception to the rule. She offers knowledge freely and will help anyone she crosses paths with. She's always offered advice about things she feels may help me improve my life without  trying to profit from my lack of knowledge over and over again. I admire her for staying authentic with me and remaining a professional at all times. She is definitely one of a kind.


"I love Saacha. I love her because during my 5 years as a client of hers, she has stayed a forward thinker in the midst of many challenges and adversity. As my life changed and I went through perilous times  of despair, she continued helping me in areas that technically had nothing to do with our business at hand. She has been a confidant, sister and amazing friend to me and her loyalty is unquestionable. Thank you Saacha for your example to us . You are definitely a shining example of how to live a life of purpose. 


"If I had to use one word to describe Saacha Spade, I would describe her as relentless. She is not someone who shrinks in the face of problems, or gives up easily. In fact, I can not ever say that I have saw her give up at all. As a fellow colleague of hers , I have seen sides of her that are reserved for those who are closest to her. Most people are one way to the public and one way in private where they are comfortable. She's always consistent with who she is and doesn't switch up to appease anyone's image of her. What you see is what you get always and she's unafraid to speak the Truth  wherever  and whenever it is warranted. If things don't go according to plan, she will revamp the entire plan however many times necessary to get the final objectives met. Relentless she is and I love her for it.  

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